Welcome to Neofin

We analyse your financial situation before the banking entities, we analyze your past and current financial circumstances, taking into account your age, available assets, tax rate, professional and personal situation and other investments you can have, analyzing your risk profile and your needs. We will carry out investment recommendations, advising you according to your circumstances and needs that are changing and adapting them to the present.

Moreover, we will try to reduce the commissions originated by excess with your entity (maintenance, administration, default, etc.), and we will also improve your conditions in banking products (deposits, insurance, mortgages), since we have the best agreements signed with top level entities.

About us

Our extensive experience in tax and accounting management (whether individuals or companies) allows us to work with a rigorous method that guarantees excellence, either by supervising your department or by directly processing the accounting records, we have a wide range of tools to facilitate the work and obtain maximum cost savings.

Our team

  • Asesoramiento financiero Benidorm

    Jaime Pérez
    Collegiate nº 7445

  • NAsesoramiento fiscal y contable Benidorm

    Javier Fernández
    Responsible for Financing, Negotiations and investments

  • Responsable Arquitecto.

    Esperanza Corrales Gil
    Collegiate nº 3202
    Technical architect

  • Consulta juridica Benidorm

    Viviana Villarraga
    Collegiate nº 8248

  • Marketing Department

  • Gestion de inmuebles Benidorm

    Diego Bruna Pardo
    Architecture Department

  • Asesoria Laboral Benidorm

    Soraya García
    Tax, Accounting and Labor

  • Department
    Tax, Accounting and Labor