General Civil Law

  • Obligations and contracts.
  • Private Contracts.
  • Purchase-Sales of real estate.
  • Claims of quantity and unpaid. Small claims procedure.
  • Non-contentious jurisdiction proceedings.
  • Declarations of new construction and division in regimen of horizontal property

Family and inheritance Law

  • Pre-nuptial agreements.
  • Separations and divorces.
  • Liquidation of the conjugal community.
  • Claim of unpaid maintenances.
  • Modification of effects.
  • Common-law unions.
  • Writing of wills.
  • Declarations of heirs.
  • Documents of manifestation and acceptance of inheritance.
  • Derecho mercantil Benidorm
  • Derecho civil Benidorm
  • Derecho laboral Benidorm

Urban leases

  • Drafting of housing and business lease agreements.
  • Eviction for non-payment.
  • Precarious possession.
  • Claim of unpaid rents.

Labour Law

  • Dismissals.
  • Voluntary termination of contracts.
  • Disabilities.
  • Labour force adjustment plans.

Commercial Law

  • Exchange trials (bills of exchange, checks, promissory notes).
  • Incorporation of companies and study and drafting of corporate bylaws.
  • Increases and decreases in share capital and amendment of bylaws.
  • Appointment of positions and management before Notaries and Mercantile Registry.
  • Attendance at general meetings.
  • Study and drafting of contracts.
  • Bankruptcy situations.
  • Merger, division and transformation of companies.
  • Liquidation and dissolution of companies.
  • Legal advice for companies, in all aspects affecting development, management and good progress of their activities.