Consultations regarding tax and accounting matters, in general of companies. Study and planning of the most convenient fiscal alternatives for the company, with the purpose of reducing the taxes to be paid to the minimum (with regard to legality).


Preparation and processing, where appropriate, of periodic tax returns. (VAT, CORPORATE INCOME TAX, IRPF, PAID-IN-ADVANCE CORPORATION TAX, ACCOUNT BOOKS, ANNUAL ACCOUNTS, etc.).

  • Accounting management complying with the latest General Accounting Plan.
  •  Presentation and deposit of Annual Accounts in the Mercantile Registry.
  • Certification of Approval of Annual Accounts.
  • Minutes of member’s General Meetings.
  • Legal approval of account books in the Mercantile Registry.
  • Preparation of logbooks of invoices issued and received, expenses, investment goods.
  • Quarterly management reports on the status of the Accounts.


Punctual information (verbal or written) on the most relevant legal developments for the company.


Against acts, liquidations or requests of the Tax Administration.

On tax situations of new investments or companies, tax audit, splits, mergers and non-monetary contributions, balance sheets revaluation. International taxation. Related-party transactions.

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